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Flexible configuration
A wide range of Ni-MH cylindrical types are available. As different applications require different configurations, sizes and may capacity, consumers should specify the design and battery configurations of battery packs according to the following system:

Designation system for battery pack
The design of a battery pack is composed of five code numbers. Each of them are used to identify different information:
The number and type of single
cells in a pac
The model number of the single
The configuration
The wires type
The direction of wires
Description Please refer to:
1 3H No. Of cells in the battery pack
(H=Ni=MH battery type is used)
2 160AA Model of battery Standard size of Ni-MH cylindrical or button cell rechargeable
3 F “F”=industrial Use (Without “F”=Consimer Type) Standard size of Ni-MH cylindrical or button cell rechargeable
4 H Configuration code Part I
5 4 Tag Type code Part II
5 a Connector code -


When using Vinnic batteries, all users must follow the company Battery Specification Guide Book and MSDS guide according to the specific type and model of the battery.
For more battery safety instructions, please refer to the following documents, which can be accessed through Vinnic’s sales office, or from our website at www.vinnic.com:

  1. Battery Specification Guide Book
  2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  3. IEC Non-Rechargeable Batteries Safety Precautions
  4. Battery Care
Designation System for Battery Pack
Part I. Configuration code
Code H:
Horizontal row
Code Y:
Cells arranged in a horizontal rectangle
Code Z:
Cells arranged side by side in two horizontal zigzag rows with an unequal number of cells
Code R:
Special configuration
Custom-made upon request
Part II. Connector type specification
Code 4:
Lead wire
Code a:
Code b:
ML-MOLEX 5264-02
Code c:
Code d:
Code m:
Multi-use plug
Code e:
Special connector
Custom-made upon request
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