Zinc Product

Mar 1994:
- Kyokuto Metal (HK) Limited is a joint venture of two companies:Chung Kong Industrial Co.,Ltd and Honzo (HK) Ltd.
- specialized in manufacturing battery zinc calot, zinc strip,metal and plastic components, tooling and machineries.

May 2005:
Kyokuto Metal (HK) Limited become a Wholly-owned Enterprise.

Mar 2006:
- set up a factory Kyokuto (Fo Shan)Metal Works Ltd.
- passed ISO 9001: 2000

Zinc Calot

Zinc Strip

Other Battery Components





Environment-friendly Zinc Calot
extremely low content of harmful impurity in the chemical components, meet the international environmental protection requirements; stable chemical components, moderate hardness, good squeezing shape, high squeezing usability rate, accurate and stable measurements, suitable to use in the medium and high speed squeezing machine; the cells made of this material are featured with high comprehensive performance, long storage period, even power releasing corrosion and small air swelling.

Ordinary Zinc Calot
Stable and uniform in chemical composition, accurate in size, moderate in hardness, well-behaved in extrusion moulding, up to 98% in forming effeciency. The dry cells are long-lasting and the zinc barrels etched uniformly when the zinc calots as negative poles.

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