Safety instructions


Safety instructions

  • Don't throw the batteries into fire or heat the batteries.This causes the batteries to ignite or disrupt
  • Don't solder the batteries directly . This may damage their insulating tapes and safety vents.
  • Don't use the batteries with the (+) and the (-) electrode inverse. This damages the batteries for being over-charged or over-discharged , even may cause leakage, heat generation, disrupt, or ignition.
  • Don't expose the batteries to water . This causes heat generation or rust.
  • Don't connect more than 20 batteries in series. This may cause electrical shocks, leakage and heat generation.
  • Don't disassemble or damage the external tubes of the batteries or modify the batteries (stack-up batteries) etc. This easily results in short-circuit, leakage, even or ignition .
  • Immediately stop using the batteries if leakage discolor or etc. with them are detected. This may cause accidents to occur.
  • Don't drop or strongly strike the batteries. This results in leakage, heat generation , disrupt ,even ignition.
  • Be sure to charge the batteries within a temperature rang from 0 to 40°C. Charge the batteries beyond the temperature range may cause leakage ,heat generation , impaired performance, and shortening of service life of the batteries.
  • Don't use old batteries with new ones or mix batteries of different charged states to use. This may cause short circuit or heat generation
  • Don't use our batteries with any other battery type ,including dry cell or with those of different capacity or brand. Mixed-matching of batteries may result in leakage, heat generation and bursting.
  • When more than 2 batteries are to be used together, charge them simultaneously prior to use. Did not charge them simultaneously may cause leakage or heat generation.
  • Charge the batteries following the charging conditions that specified by Chungpak or by the charger's instructions or indicator. Never over-charge the batteries by exceeding the predetermined charging period. This may cause leakage, heat generation, burn, even ignition and impaired performance, and shortening of service life of the batteries.


  • Don't connect the (+) and (-) electrode with metal or other electrically conductive
  • materials. When carrying and storing, using special package.
  • Don't use the batteries in any equipment for which they were not specified.
  • Alkali in the electrolyte of the batteries may be harmful if it comes in contact with skin or eye. If so, wash the affected area immediately with clean water and contact a doctor.
  • Don't install the batteries into a sealed structure.
  • If the batteries are not used for a long term, the batteries shall be discharged at
  • 0.2C(52mA) to a final voltage of 2.0V, then store at a temperature rang form 10°C to
    +30°C and at a low humidity.
  • Before using the batteries, be sure to read this specification carefully. If you have any
  • question about it, don't hesitate to contact Chungpak Battery Works LTD or a Chungpak
  • Store the batteries out of reach of babies and small children. If children use the batteries, their guardians shall instruct them properly.

For more battery Safety Instructions, please refer to the following documents, which can be accessed via Chung Pak's sales or homepage .

1. Battery Specification

2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    For update MSDS information,please contact our sales at: 852-27171338

3. IEC Non - Rechargeable Batteries Safety Precautions

4. Battery Care

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